Monday, May 16, 2011

Drawing a Duckling Pastel

So I made a new pastel drawing of a duckling and I made pictures along the way to show how my drawing is made. You can find the final artwork for sale at my Etsy or ArtFire store.

1. I picked out the colors I will use for my drawing and my initial sketch is made in what would be the medium color, in this case, a strong yellow.

2. Next, I shaded in the shadows of the duck and the duck bill.

3. I typically use 2-3 colors to create a rich background. In this case, I used a teal, medium green, and a pale green, each overlapping slightly to create a gentle fade. I also use the background colors to darken the shadows of the duck's body to make the duck more of a part of the environment. I decided to make the duck's eyes teal as well because I loved the color so much. I was kind of messy and you can see some green fingerprints on the body of the duck :P

4. Lastly, I put in the highlight colors. I used a white on the duck bill to blend and create a smooth looking bill. I used a very light cream color for the duck, adding marks along the edges of body to create a "fuzziness" effect. I also added some pale green to the eyes to give it a more liquid look.